We all have a right to healthy lives, healthy communities and a healthy environment.

“In response to the Coronavirus pandemic that is devastating entire countries, I no longer believe I can in good faith participate in campaigning activities as a candidate for the Oregon State House of Representatives, District-33 seat. Moments like these are why I chose to become a critical care physician. I am going to do everything in my power to save as many lives as possible.

My team will be running the campaign while I focus on healthcare.

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COVID-19 Campaign Update:

These are unnerving, worrisome times. I understand very well the cause for our community’s unease, and I share it with you. There is no “normal” with a once-in-a-hundred-year-event. My core “why” for running to be your state representative is my commitment to the resilience, health and well-being of our community.

Please, care for yourselves and your families. Stay home. The need for social isolation is extremely real – our civic duty at this time is truly to minimize the contact you have with others. We understand the virus spreads before people have symptoms — there is no one who can assume they are fine to be around others.

Instead, please be acutely aware of how your neighbors, coworkers and family are doing.  We will need to pull together without coming physically together. These will be unusual and challenging times. Let us all bring our very best to our communities.

As much as I want to talk with you all, it won’t be in person. I have decided to suspend my own activty on the campaign trail and focus soley on keeping our community safe as a critical care physican. My team will carry on campaign acitvities without me – they are truly amazing. We will be hosting virtual meet-and-greets, or, “Isolation Congregations,” every Thursday from 7:45 – 8:30 pm. 7:45-8 pm will be a COVID-19 update and question/answer period followed by general question answering. Don’t be late the the discussion! Please check my website or email me at maxinefororegon@gmail.com to receive more information.

While these may be trying times, I know that the Oregon spirit is resilient and we will persevere together.

Stay healthy!

– Maxine

Meet Maxine

A proven leader who will fight tirelessly for universal health care, affordable housing, strong, equitable public schools, and to protect our planet against the perils of climate change.

  • Doctor

  • Mother

  • Business Leader

  • Democratic Candidate for Oregon State Representative – House District 33


Maxine knows health is:


A universally accessible system that is affordable for all with an emphasis on prevention and mental health.


Safe, affordable, and sustainable for all Oregonians.


Caring for our planet and our future generations.


Equitable, quality public education for every child.

Gun Violence Prevention

Preventing gun violence through strong reforms and enhanced education.

Working Families

Standing up for strong unions and worker protections.

Reproductive Justice

Unwavering support for women's right to choose.