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“I have worked with Maxine on public health issues and have always found her to be dedicated, compassionate and effective. She demonstrated great courage and leadership during the COVID-19 crisis.”

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden

No candidate is better equipped to ensure every Oregonian has access to affordable, comprehensive, high-quality care, including preventive and mental health services.”

Governor Barbara Roberts

“Maxine’s medical knowledge is vital to moving Oregon forward. She is smart, principled, and ready to go.

Representative Jeff Barker

Oregon House District 28

Few people in Oregon have played so central a role in this generation’s defining crisis as Dr. Maxine Dexter, 47, a critical care pulmonologist currently treating COVID-19 patients… Oregon is going to need Dexter’s passion, decisiveness and perspective in the coming years. We thank her for what she’s doing in ICU wings. And we suggest you send her to Salem.” – 10/14

Willamette Week

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Voters should pick Maxine Dexter, a pulmonary doctor who has already demonstrated her fearlessness in pushing elected leaders to act urgently with data-based solutions… While her focus is on health care reform, she has a broad understanding of other key priorities, ensuring that she would be a strong voice in shaping policies.” – 5/3

The Oregonian (May 2020 Primary)

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Dexter is not a one-issue candidate. She can converse fluently about access to higher education (she was the first in her family to attend college), gun safety, climate change, reproductive rights and all the other issues that are important to this left-leaning district that stretches from Northwest Portland to the Bethany and Cedar Mill communities in Washington County…. The Oregon Legislature desperately needs someone like Maxine Dexter right now, and we urge voters in District 33 to send her to Salem.” – 4/3

The Portland Tribune (May 2020 Primary)

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Meet Maxine

Dr. Maxine Dexter, Democratic nominee for Oregon State Representative, House District 33, is a proven leader who will fight tirelessly for universal health care, affordable housing, strong, equitable public schools, and to protect our planet against the perils of climate change.

  • Doctor
  • Mother
  • Healthcare Leader
  • Democratic Nominee for Oregon State Representative
    House District 33

COVID-19 Resources

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (OR-3) has complied an epansive list of COVID-19 resources for community use.

New York Times Profile

Read the New York Times’ profile on Maxine here.

Voters Reached

Election Day

Our Top Priorities

Maxine Dexter shares the same strong core values as many Oregonians: Courage, Compassion and Integrity. She knows that policy thrives or dies in the details—and she is a detail-oriented, strategic, pragmatic implementation specialist. Here's what she plans to get done:


Healthcare reform is the number-one reason I got into this race. Oregon cannot wait for the federal government. We need accessible and affordable healthcare for all at the state level.

Clean Air and Clean Energy

Our kids are growing up with an existential crisis, wondering whether the earth will be healthy enough to raise their own children one day... Already, District 33 has the most polluted air in Oregon. This has significant and negative impacts on our health.

Gun Violence Prevention

When you receive a text that your child's school is in lockdown, it can be terrifying as a parent. I will fight to ensure we do not have to send our children to school in fear of another mass shooting.


Oregon has fallen behind most of the nation in public education achievement, funding, and services for all students. We can and must do better.

Working Families

I come from a working family and was able to reach where I am today with the support of a strong union job. Unions are vital to ensuring workers reap the fruits of their labor.


Housing is a fundamental human right. Everyone should have a place to live, especially in one of the richest cities, in the richest nation in the world.

Reproductive Justice

I will fight to protect every Oregonian’s right to reproductive freedom in the face of a hostile federal Supreme Court. We cannot sacrifice our state’s most protected access to full spectrum reproductive healthcare.

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Join #TeamMaxine for evening phonebanking to reach voters in District 33! With the COVID-19 outbreak, we've transitioned to a fully online campaign which means unfortunately, no canvassing. Instead, we will be reaching voters by calling them directly!

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Now more than ever it is crucial that we put a doctor in the Oregon House of Representatives to help us respond to any public health crises we may face.

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