Affordable housing is crucial, both in terms of addressing our houselessness crisis and in fighting for working Oregonians. I was thrilled to see the success of Here Together on getting an initiative on the ballot in November to help fund houseless services. When it comes to housing, I believe that we must keep people in their homes as much as possible, while building more economical affordable housing. As a part of that, I was incredibly excited about HB 4015, a bill that would have provided grants for middle and low-income homeowners to essentially build rental tiny homes (ADUs) on their existing property. This bill did not move forward because of the walkout. As we continue to look at the issue of housing statewide, it is important that we don’t silo it away from other essential services like access to healthcare and public transportation. These separate complex issues all come together and create the systems and networks that Oregonian lives are based on.