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Education is for Everyone

Oregon has fallen behind most of the nation in public education achievement and funding. Our state has consistently failed to provide top-notch educational services for all students. In Salem, I will fight for equitable, increased funding for our education system, including Universal Pre-K, expanded after-school care, and increased funding for trade schools and community colleges.

The quality of your education should not depend on your zip code and neighborhood. I will push for increased school funding across the board, devoting more resources to struggling schools rather than punitively removing them. I will also push for Universal Pre-K and affordable after-school childcare to provide a strong foundation for all children, rather than just for those whose families can afford to pay for it.

We need to address ballooning student debt and to expand opportunities for working people by investing in robust access to trade education. And we need appropriate oversight of post-secondary education to ensure adequate public funding on the programs with the greatest impact for all students.

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Maxine Brings a compassionate, intelligent, and thoughtful voice to her passion for serving Oregon. She will be an exemplary member of the legislature, and will work hard to ensure equity and growth for all Oregonians.

–Reverend Eilidh Lowery, Portland Public Schools Board Member

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