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A Safer Oregon

I recognize the health impact of gun violence, from the trauma of active-shooter situations, to the mental-health issues leading to gun violence and suicide. And public health principles should be applied toward gun violence prevention. I will push for research funding to identify the most effective interventions and will focus our state’s resources on initiatives with the greatest and most immediate impact. 

My plan for gun violence prevention includes:

  • Requiring safe-storage practices
  • Increasing standards for gun ownership
    • Regular, mandatory training
  • Minimum wait times for gun purchases
  • Universal healthcare with expanded mental health coverage to prevent gun-related suicides

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Maxine and I share the values of creating equity, building community and striving to support those who are most vulnerable. Maxine will be a great addition to the Oregon legislature because she’s not just a gifted clinician, treating those who are most critically ill, she’s a consensus builder and a leader.

-Sharon Meieran, Multnomah County Commissioner, District 1

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