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Universal Healthcare

As Congress drags its feet on healthcare reform, states need to be a driving force for bringing healthcare to all, including the hundreds-of-thousands of newly-uninsured Oregonians due to losing their job with the novel Coronavirus pandemic. To ensure universal and affordable healthcare NOW in Oregon, I will fight for the following:

  • Pass a state-wide, universal-coverage mandate requiring full insurance coverage.
  • Make quality healthcare available to every Oregonian, regardless of income level.
  • The healthcare-for-all option would be portable and sustainable, regardless of changes in employment and/or income levels. We must decouple insurance from employment, and provide comprehensive, affordable and consistent coverage for all.
  • A healthcare-for-all program would provide mental health, preventive care and comprehensive family-planning services, including universal access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC).
  • A healthcare-for-all buy-in option would be a temporary measure until Oregon or Congress is able to enact universal care. At this time, Oregon cannot implement a single-payer plan without a federal waiver, an option currently being discussed in Washington, D.C..

I support a healthcare-for-all plan that ensures affordability, quality and reliability, combined with concurrently regulating and incentivizing the right care at the right time across all insurance plans. We must evolve our current system away from private insurance and towards a single-payer system.

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I take care of the sickest patients in the hospital, people on life support. When they go home, sometimes they find themselves bankrupt. Even though they have their health, they don’t have the security that they had when they walked into that hospital.

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