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House District 33 deserves a leader with a proven ability to make change happen. Maxine is that leader. Join Us.

Recent Events

NARAL Pro Choice Oregon Event

NARAL Pro Choice Oregon Event

NARAL! Today we suited up, sanitized our hands, and got out to drop lit! Instead of knocking on doors, we’ll just be placing pro-choice literature (ft. our NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon endorsement!) on front doors. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we put a doctor in the House to help us respond to any public health crises we may face, including attacks on our reproductive rights!
#LetsPutADoctorInTheHouse #ProtectRoe

Oregon Medical Association Event

Oregon Medical Association Event

The OMA is an organization of over 7,500 physicians, physician assistants and medical students organized to serve and support physicians in their efforts to improve the health of Oregonians.

Climate Rally

Climate Rally

We were in Salem at the Climate Rally. Our kids are growing up with an existential crisis, wondering the earth is going to be healthy enough to raise their own children one day. That’s why one of my top priorities is clean air and energy.

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 Even if you are not in my district, these decisions in Salem impact all of us in Oregon. Please consider joining us at Team Maxine and help put a doctor in the House!

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