House District 33 deserves a leader with a proven ability to make change happen.

Maxine is that leader

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Maxine is a leader in compassionate and courageous healthcare

In her career, Maxine has practiced medicine as a pulmonary and critical care doctor for 14 years, and has served on the Northwest Permanente Board of Directors for 6 years. She has led the company to become the first certified B Corporation group of physicians in the world, and expanded its shareholdership to include more clinicians.

Through mentoring future leaders, Maxine built a broader bench of engaged people who will keep the company in good hands as she transitions to public service. She has led the board of directors and governance committee with a commitment to transparency and accountability.

Maxine is dedicated to equitable education

Maxine spent more than 10 years volunteering in classrooms, organizing parent groups and advocating for her children’s public school at the district level. She co-created the school foundation, annual auction, and helped lead an ever-necessary parent movement to protect their program and expand it to children from under-represented communities.

Maxine's humble beginnings, dedication to hard work, gratitude for opportunities, compassion for her patients, and courage leading a business with over 1600 employees has given her the experience, perspective, and insight to effectively lead and represent House District 33.

Maxine is innovative and brave

Maxine knows that in order to create effective policies that ensure quality public schools, affordable housing, a healthy environment, and universal healthcare, collaboration is key. She organizes and inspires Oregonians to harness their collective will and make each of our lives healthier and safer.